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Italian deli shop vendita online prodotti alimentari a Lazise

Cured meatCured meat

Cured meat

Italy produces a wide range of excellent cured meats, which are expertly made in very different ways depending on the traditions and often also on the recipes that have been handed down for centuries. It seems that the first sausages and hams date back to the Etruscan and Roman times. In Italy there are more than a hundred types of cured meats, classified according to the meat with which they are made. Let’s say that for the most part we have sheep and deer salami, horse salami, pork salami and poultry salami.

The ways in which they are made are many, there are cured meats and not, cooked and even raw.

“Even an artist can slice a salami” – Andy Warhol

The Raccagni meat shop makes use of excellent suppliers for the marketing of some products, while others are made directly. The cured meats that our company sells online are the result of a careful selection, and represent real Italian specialties. Aromas, colors and flavors that tell our origins and our history, family secrets handed down from father to son to create the best product to bring to your tables. Thanks and a few clicks on our e-shop you can buy your favorite cold cuts from the comfort of your home, they will be delivered vacuum-packed and shipped in special containers.

Our offer includes the Salami of our production, made with a mixture of pork and fat, in different versions depending on the spice that we decide to prevail, we have the Classic, the Pepper Salami, the Garlic Salami, the Chilli salami, fennel salami and truffle salami.

We also have Cooked and Raw Ham, Mortadella, Bacon, Bresaola, Speck, Bacon, Coppa, Culatello and Lardo.

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