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CheesesTypical cheeses

Typical cheeses

A product revered by Italians and often envied by many foreigners is cheese. What would pasta be without a layer of grated cheese? And what would village festivals be without a nice slice of melted cheese? Or again, how could we do without pecorino or grana padano? The fact that the list could be endless is a symptom of the richness and indispensability of cheese in our homes.

At the Bottega and in the dedicated section of our online shop you will find a wide selection of cheeses. Soft or hard cheese, of different ages and types … In short, here you will surely find the cheese that is right for you, perfect to marry with your recipes, to be enjoyed as a quick snack or to accompany an aperitif in company

Among the most popular cheeses of our quality selection, we certainly find L’Opera . The farm that produces it, Agricola Cazzola, stands out for the extreme attention it pays to raw materials, 100% Italian, for the care in the processing and seasoning of its products. The result is a hard cheese, lactose-free (from the third month of maturation it is a naturally lactose-free cheese) and without preservatives. A tasty, healthy and genuine product, as well as zero kilometer.
The perfect solution for those who want to buy a typical Lake Garda cheese is the Formagella di Tremosine. A semi-hard cheese that takes the name of its country of origin, Tremosine. Excellent on its own as an aperitif, to accompany a thousand recipes, such as rice.
The tradition of Garda Brescia also gave birth to Garda , a very tasty hard cheese, also produced in the Tremosine area, in the Upper Garda Bresciano area. The perfect comfort food on a cold autumn evening? A slice of grilled Garda!
If you are looking for a real treat and want to buy a cheese with a strong and decisive flavor, the Bagòss will certainly be for you. Produced exclusively in the small town of Bagolino, in the province of Brescia, this cheese is produced with traditional methods, which give it the classic straw yellow color and hard texture, as well as an unmistakable flavor and aroma.
In addition to the classic cow cheeses, you will also find a wide selection of cheeses with the addition of truffles, chilli, pistachio . Finally, alongside the cow’s milk cheeses we have also selected goat cheeses for you. These are genuine and authentic products that will make you rediscover authentic tastes and flavors.
What unites the cheeses for sale on our online shop, whether they are vaccine or goat, is the quality standard; the same can be said of the salumi and all our products. We select only the best of made in Italy products for our customers!